Most of my younger students take examinations, not because we are obsessed with them, but for most people, having a goal is a good thing to work towards…

We always consider very carefully what kind of exam, which exam board, and which pieces are best suited for the individual student. This is all part of ensuring that we take a holistic approach to learning and that we always work to the student’s strengths and what will encourage them to progress most.

What I love about London College of Music exams is my students come out of them with the biggest grins on their faces! The atmosphere is very relaxed and the examiners always delightful. LCM offers Early Learning exams at 3 levels for children aged 6 and under as well as 3 levels of piano pregrade 1 examinations and 2 levels of music theatre pregrade 1 so children can build up their confidence and totally normalise performing and talking to someone they don’t know. It really does set them up for life!

Most of my piano students take a form of London College of Music exam. LCM offers a vast choice, including jazz piano, and leisure play exams both for standard and jazz exams, as well as standard classical examinations.

However I do use ABRSM, Trinity and LCM for piano and cello, and theory exams with ABRSM and Trinity. Singing exams may be with any of the exam boards, depending on the student’s strengths.

The prices are all about comparable with each other, however what is more important is which exam is most suitable for the individual musician. We always consider the student’s needs, interests and strengths when deciding which exam board and which exam to sit.

I am planning on working towards students taking composition examinations as well- at present we are looking at LCM and Victoria College for composition.

Students studying for Grade 6 and above in practical, full exams  and also theory exams will be awarded UCAS points, which may be used when applying for university. Please note not all universities will accept them- the newer universities are more likely to. However working towards any type of examination always shows dedication, resiliance and application and will be looked favourably upon by all universities and colleges as well as employers.

Taking examinations also helps with preparing for 11+ and other public examinations and a number of my students apply for music scholarships, so having experience of performing under some pressure as well as demonstrating your achievements so far are all very useful!

Examination boards

Students are entered for practical exams with ABRSM, Trinity and LCM and theory exams with ABRSM and Trinity.

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Examination success

It’s time to be proud of you all again...100% of all examinations across all 3 examination boards in spring 2018 resulted in a Distinction!

Trinity: Distinction

  • 100%

ABRSM: Distinction

  • 100%

LCM: Distinction

  • 100%