Payment for lessons, music and examinations

Almost all students have a weekly lesson, and pay a fixed fee payment at the beginning of every month which guarantees 30 lessons per academic year. Adults who do not have weekly lessons pay in blocks of 3 hours in advance. Most students actually have 35-40 lessons per year. Please note that if you choose to have a holiday in term time I do not make up those lessons. Lessons are offered in school holidays (usually a certain number of days are blocked out as teaching days and students book in at their convenience) and if required before exams as part of this structure. Students are expected to have at least 2 lessons during the school summer holidays to ensure that practice and progress continues.

Specific theory and composition workshops, where a group of students learn together, and take mock theory exams, are paid for as extras but theory and composition are included as part of normal lessons.

Exam fees must be paid for before a student can be entered for an exam and deadlines are strict for entry so please do not wait until the last minute! Completing entry forms whether on line or in writing is a lengthy process! I do not keep details of students’ full names, date of birth etc to ensure I comply with data protection rules, so will always ask for the name you want on the certificate and confirmation of date of birth before entering for each examination. Students are invoiced separately for exams.

Music is paid for in addition to lessons.

All payments are made by BACS. Please note I do not accept cheques anymore because of the cost of processing them. I reserve the right to refuse to teach anyone who has not paid for their lessons.