Catherine’s teaching style is hard to put your finger on, as I have never met anyone like her. She is not prescriptive and teaches each of my three children in three different ways, as they all have different concentration spans, confidence and interests, and my eldest in particular (finally diagnosed with dyslexia), had a rock bottom self-belief and esteem at school.

Whenever Catherine spots any potential resistance from one of my children’s’ brains, before any frustration sets in, she puts in props, prompts and supports often from her tool bag of bright colourful pens and stickers. Alternately she may switch from activity to activity….and has them learning by rote, then singing and dancing and marching to different beats…

My children, (and I imagine Catherine as well), do not feel there has ever been an issue as they have pushed through any potential learning barrier and have left it far behind them. It’s a joy to see my children’s brains working and lighting up, as they develop a real pleasure in music. Catherine sees a bright light in all children!

Watching Catherine and my children together, I have been able to reinforce my children’s’ confidence, in the wider learning environment. I can see where issues are coming up at school and pass on what I have seen. For example, after two years of my child struggling at school with comprehensions, and being made to stay in and told to work faster he was also told to work on his fluency. Catherine realised that my eldest had interpreted ‘fluent reading’, as ‘fast reading’. It was clear during piano that by slowing down and reading at the speed his brain was able to think, his brain was freed up to listen and accurately pay attention to how and what he was playing or reading.

I wish Catherine could have more of a presence in schools as teachers may relax more and enjoy the potential in all their students.

Catherine is phenomenal at making music enjoyable and accessible to all, even those born without a single musical gene! In a matter of a few weeks, Catherine has totally transformed my little girl’s experience of piano. What was once a chore and a source of frustration, is now great fun and gives her such pleasure. She actually wants to practise! Catherine is a talented and inspirational teacher, whose warmth, enthusiasm and patience, gives children the confidence to play and make incredible progress.

It’s great that my daughter is doing so well. I really love listening to her practising and it’s certainly bringing her singing on too, as she does the two together now…She came out of her lesson last night buzzing!